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Update: Video Genesis is live and I’ve done a full video walkthrough of my purchase, and a full review of the product is to come in a few days after I review the content. Check out the video below for that walkthrough.

I’ve spent a few hours going through the content in Video Genesis and I’ve already learned enough helpful tips that will help me pay for the price of the product within my online business. There are 16 different modules that you can go through, and you can pick which topics you are interested in learning about and skip past anything you don’t want to learn. I’ll post a screenshot of the 16 different modules below.

This product includes a bunch of video lessons from “Video Boss” which is a $1997 product, so you are really getting great value with this product.

Overall I rate this product a 9/10, and for what the cost is you HAVE to buy it if you are running an online business.


Screen Recording Video

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Take a look at the different modules you can go though and learn how to create professional looking videos that SELL:

Video Genesis Modules

Video Genesis will open its doors tomorrow, July 9th, 2013. For those who don’t know what Video Genesis is it is one of the most anticipated online marketing courses in the history of internet marketing. “Video Boss” Andy Jenkins and online marketing guru Mike Filsaime have teamed up to create a course called Video Genesis that will teach small business owners how to use video online to make money. I am getting ready to review Video Genesis for anyone looking to purchase the product.

*Update: It is now Tuesday morning and I’m waiting for the cart to open. My guess is around Noon EST time they will open up the cart. I’ve just gotten word that they will have two upsell or downsell options. The first upsell will be a Video Genesis Live Event + Bossy Pack. If you don’t buy that you will be offered something called “Boss and Butterfly Monthly”. I’m interested to see the sales pitch on both of those, as I’m not sure if I will be purchasing either just yet.

The guys behind Video Genesis have had their pre-launch content going for a few weeks now, and they’ve built up the launch for the course with some great content and epic videos. In the first pre launch video Andy and Mike went over 34 different mistakes that people make in their videos. They demonstrated this with Andy actually creating a video with all of the mistakes in it so that we could see first hand. Some of these were basic tips like recording sound too low, but there were a lot of great tips I didn’t think of (especially with the screen casting problems). In video 2 they go over the mistakes and correct them and then show us how the video should have looked like in order to maximize its effectiveness and in the end make more money.

The third video included a mind map that mapped out exactly how you want to approach each type of video depending on your end goal. For example, you’d want to do a product demonstration with a screencast if you were showing off an online product or software and you can use a doodle video for a sales video to keep attention. There was some solid information on the mind map they provided, but it just quickly touched on what Video Genesis will teach us.

Video Genesis PlayerWhen I first came across the Video Genesis launch I was expecting another $1997 price point, which would have me thinking of whether or not to buy it. I know the value is probably there to justify spending $2,000 on this quality of a product, but for some people who are just starting to make money online it may not be. Thankfully I’ve heard some amazing news from Mike and Andy themselves that Video Genesis will be just three payments of $97 – making it less than $300.

With the amount of knowledge you’ll gain and the vast improvements you’ll see in your videos you’ll easily be able to make back that $300 spent. If you aren’t using video right now and you’re trying to make money online you’re crazy. Video works and people love watching video a lot more than reading. People also love high quality and good looking video, so investing in a course like Video Genesis is almost a no-brainer with the price point.

So because the product is being launched Tuesday July 9th (which is tomorrow) I won’t be able to actually review anything within the product right now, but I’ve decided I’m going to do a video review tomorrow as soon as I purchase it. I’ve already decided to purchase the product as I’m really getting into video right now to help out my websites, so I’d be happy to purchase first and show you what exactly you’ll get when you purchase.

Look for my video review of Video Genesis to be posted here tomorrow, and I’ll also update this review with a lot more information on the actual product. They’ve been tight lipped about what’s in the course, so like you I don’t really know exactly what we will be getting access to. I do know they will train us how to create professional looking videos without professional equipment. Check back tomorrow for my full review. Check out their sales page and pre launch content HERE.

In case you’re wondering, I already have some pretty good experience with video marketing by teaching myself so I will also plan to give my own tips in the Video Genesis review as well. I started making awful webcam style videos using my night table lamp in my bedroom (which was also my office) as lighting. Since then I’ve come along way investing in some a camera, video lightning, a green screen, a lavalier microphone, and most recently a teleprompter. Check out the pictures below.

Video Greenscreen

Video Teleprompter

I’m definitely no video expert, but I’ve come along way just by teaching myself. Although teaching myself has worked up until now, it took much longer than if I were to follow a course like Video Boss or Video Genesis. It will be interesting to see how much the course helps me out – can’t wait to share my experiences with you in the review to come!

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  • Gee July 11, 2013, 11:38 am

    Nice review… you give good feedback and show what we buy! A1…. Will you do a more detail video ?

    Have a great day

    • Kevin July 11, 2013, 12:11 pm

      Hey Gee, yes I plan to do a more detailed review. I’m not sure whether I will do a video review, or just update this article with a review of everything you get in the course and the quality of it.



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