SysInfoTools Scam

Part of the reason I like running a blog like this is that you can praise good online services, but more importantly call out the ones you scam you, rip you off, or just plain suck.

I wanted to write a quick post titled SysInfoTools Scam to hopefully rank for the term and get people to give their business elsewhere.

Recently my girlfriend had been writing a big paper type thing for an interview for her work on my old laptop in Open Office. The computer crashed in the middle of her work and even though there was a copy saved it got ruined in some Open Office file corruption that is popular according to google searches returning the same problem from many people.

Anyways I searched Google and found SysInfoTools OpenOffice Files Recovery Tool and it looked like it would help out. SysInfoTools offered a 100% money back guarantee on the $49 product so I thought it was definitely worth a shot. I would have paid like $300 to get that file back for her so the $49 with the guarantee was fine.

I was optmistic that it would work, but after purchasing and downloading it didn’t work. I then sent the file to their experts to see if they could recover it. They emailed back and said unfortunately they could’t recover it.

I then asked for my money back as the tool was no good for me. The live chat person said they would forward it to the right department. A week or so later no word so I decided to contact live chat again. I also emailed them at the same time, and it went no where again.

Although it is not really a scam it was more like stealing, as they offered a money back gaurantee if you weren’t satisfied and obviously I wasn’t satisfied at all.

I contacted Paypal and opened a dispute which finally got a response. They told me “Mail us at for prompt response.”

I emailed them and again didn’t get any answer. I had spent enough time trying to get $49 back so I gave up and thought I would just do everyone a favor and let you know to avoid SysInfoTools completely as they are clearly a shady company that has probably scammed other people out of money too.

Some of their tools may work, but when you offer a guarantee you should honor it. What is more important for them – to keep the $49 or keep a good name for the company?

Anyways avoid them. Hope people can find this article by searching SysInfoTools Scam to help others out.

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  • Marvin Rodriguez January 16, 2013, 12:13 am

    Hey Kevin, I have also faced such a situation in my past. I had an extremely corrupted Backup file, I purchased SysInfoTools BKF Repair to no avail since it didn’t work. So, I asked them to refund my money. Then, I was told by them that a refund will not be given if the software doesn’t repair or recover the corrupt file. They asked me to send the corrupt file to them, but I couldn’t as it contained my confidential data. After telling them so, I got my refund within week. In my opinion they are not shady, they are honest. I got $85 as refund, where you didn’t got $49.

  • James brown August 17, 2015, 12:36 am

    I also faced such problem, but that was my mistake because I am not a fully technical person. So, I stuck to use PDF repair product tool. I asked the sysinfotool team to return my cash money. They ensured me to return that if the product is not in the working stage. After that, their technical team instructs me to download that product and repair the corrupt files. And, really, it’s my personal experience the team was too good to resolve any issue.
    I just saw these comments here about sysinfotool and I was surprised so I’ve planned to add my comment as well.


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