July 2013 Business Goals

June started off as a pretty good month but this past Monday I started to get pains in my stomach and went into the hospital Tuesday to find out my appendix ruptured. Things could have gotten really messy with major operations needed but luckily my body sort of healed itself with antibiotics. I was in the hospital for 6 days and it was a brutal experience, but I’m glad to be getting healthy now.

It will probably be a few days until I really get back into my normal routine, but I’ve already started working a bit my second day home from the hospital.

Lets take a look at how I did with my June goals and then set some July goals…

June 2013 Goals

  • Have a winning NHL + MLB month and get on a run – Wasn’t a good month in either sport. A couple of unlucky runs.
  • Create 6 sports betting videos for YouTube – Did this and I really got on a roll with creating some videos before going to the hospital. You can check our my sports betting strategy video for example.
  • Fix a few pages on my main sports betting site – I added some of my videos to pages so I guess that counts.
  • Get ready for the CFL season – I’m pretty much ready now
  • 8 posts on Workout Tipster – Got a few reviews and such up.
  • Create website for a friend – Got this going for him
  • Stop wasting money playing poker -I ended up wasting some more time and money at PokerStars when bored haha
  • Stay productive – Overall I was pretty productive. One of my better months
  • Continue doing social media for my sites – Did a pretty good job with this.
  • Match April’s income (summer starts to slow down) – Surprisingly I had one of my best months ever!

July 2013 Goals

  • Winning MLB month (+10 units is my goal)
  • Create 6 more sports betting videos for YouTube
  • Fix a few pages at my main site
  • A couple reviews for my workout site
  • Keep up with social media
  • Get back to being productive when I’m feeling better
  • Match April’s income (I don’t expect to get to what I have the past two months being the slowest month of the year)
  • Prepare for the NFL season, even if it means just brainstorming my plans and ideas

Have a good month!

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  • Thomas | Your Daily Finance July 5, 2013, 6:58 am

    From your goals I would say you must own a few other sites as well. Whats your Youtube channel for your sports betting videos, would like to see them. I like that you set goals as well and hopefully you are able to get most if not all of the goals achieved. Here’s to a great July!


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