August 2013 Business Goals

Today is the 31st of July and I thought it would be a good time to do a review of July and set my goals for August. Overall July was a pretty good month. If you read my July business goals you know that I was recovering from a burst appendix.  So far so good in the recovery and I’m back playing sports and working out hard.  I didn’t get up to much in July, except for a little get a way to Toronto last week to watch a few Blue Jays baseball games, eat at the CN Tower, visit the zoo, etc.  As expected income was a little slow in July, which is generally the worst month of the year.

Lets take a look to see if I met my goals, and then get into my August goals…

July 2013 Recap

  • Winning MLB month (+10 units is my goal) – I had a winning month, I’ll have to check my units after tonight.
  • Create 6 more sports betting videos for YouTube – I think I got 4 or 5 done
  • Fix a few pages at my main site – Did this
  • A couple reviews for my workout site – Yup
  • Keep up with social media – Pretty good with this
  • Get back to being productive when I’m feeling better – productivity was OK
  • Match April’s income (I don’t expect to get to what I have the past two months being the slowest month of the year) – doesn’t look like it, but not a bad month
  • Prepare for the NFL season, even if it means just brainstorming my plans and ideas – Started a little bit and going to continue this week

August 2013 Goals

  • Winning MLB month (+10 units is my goal again)
  • Get site set up for NFL season
  • Research for NFL season in September for my picks
  • Buy Optimize Press 2.0 and do a review here
  • Fix up a couple more football related pages at my site
  • Have fun in Costa Rica (there for sister’s wedding) and relax before a hectic football season!
  • Upload a few more betting videos on my channel at YouTube

That’s about all I can think of – have a great month!

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  • Adam August 2, 2013, 12:23 pm

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    It’s a desktop word editor for mac and lets you upload and publish posts/pages directly to your wordpress site. Pretty cool.


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