2014 Business Goals

It has been a while since I posted here. About 5 months – which is the longest I’ve gone between posts since starting up this blog. The main reason for slowing down with the posts is that I didn’t really see the point anymore. Not many people visit the blog and pretty much no one leaves any feedback. The purpose of the blog was to help keep me on track and also to make money. It pretty much has never made money, and although it did help keep me on track it wasn’t enough to justify spending a lot of time writing here when that time could be put elsewhere within my business.

I may try to post my monthly goals here more for myself in the future, but I don’t know how much writing I’ll do here. I’ll still use it as a way to praise or give negative feedback on companies or products like I have in the past too.

Anyways, as we are two weeks into 2014 I want to look back at my 2013 goals and also share my 2014 goals.

2013 Business Goals Recap:

Revenue Goal – My goal was to increase on my 2012 revenue and I did that in 2013.  That means I’ve had an increase in revenue since I started online, and I’m hoping that can continue in 2014.

Grow TheSportsGeek.com – Because of SEO changes I didn’t manage to increase the visitors per day, although I kept pretty steady in 2013.  I’ve also grown a pretty loyal following of people who visit the blog daily for picks, as my writers have done a great job with their sports betting picks.

Increase Social Media Following for Above Site – I set out some numbers I wanted to achieve for Facebook, Twitter and G+ and I pretty much nailed each number I was aiming for.  I also have a good YouTube following now as well.

Create a lot of Videos – I started the year off well with this goal but I haven’t done much of anything on it for the last few months.  This is another big goal for 2014, as I want to continue to grow my YouTube presence.

6+ Posts at WorkoutTipster – I may have talked about this at the blog in a recent monthly goal post, but I pretty much gave up on this website for now.  I still would like to grow it in 2014 but it has been hard with some SEO changes.  The fact that it wasn’t making much money meant I didn’t want to spend much time on it.

Outsource More – I didn’t do this as much as I would have liked to.  This is still something I’m really working on but I find it tough.  A lot of things I would want to out source I feel like by the time I explain it to a worked from Odesk for example I would have been able to get it done myself.

Consistent Work Schedule – At times I followed a consistent schedule, but overall I failed at this yet again.  I’ve got a decent routine going, but I’m not strict enough with setting side distractions for hours at a time to focus only on working.  This will be another 2014 goal.

Personal Goals – Overall 2013 was a great year personally.  I did a bunch of travelling like I had wanted to, bought a new vehicle like I mentioned, and invested money into some stocks that are doing well.  I linked over to my fitness blog where I put up some workout related goals and I did pretty well with those too.  Near the end of the year (September) I started working out with a personal trainer or strength coach who is an old buddy of mine.  So far I’m loving it as it has really changed up my normal routine and I’ve seen some big gains.  It’s been fun and I’m going to continue that into 2014.

Lets take a look at some of my 2014 goals.  I’m not going to go into as much depth here on my goals for this year, but I will list them out…

2014 Goals for Business and Me Personally

Increase Gross and Net Revenue Numbers from last year – pretty straight forward

Build up The Sports Geek YouTube Channel – Again I want to create more helpful videos and get my subscribers number up to maybe 800+.

Build Workout Programs – I’ve partnered up with my buddy who trains me on this.  He is extremely smart when it comes to strength training and nutrition, and I want to take advantage of that and try and make both of us some money.  We’re going to be testing out selling some sport specific programs and general muscle building and fat loss programs.

Work hard with my sports betting and my betting sites – This is also pretty straight forward.  I want to improve my personal sports betting first of all.  I’ve had a rough stretch lately with my betting and I need to get back to the basics that has given me success in the past.  I also want to update my content on my sports betting sites with better info and more current content.

Personal Goals – Like every year I want to travel and enjoy life with my girlfriend/friends.  I’m kicking that off with a trip out to the West coast of Canada (Calgary) in February to visit some friends.  I’ve been to Calgary before but never in the winter so I’m pumped to go snowboarding out on the mountains.  In the near future I want to go even further West out to Vancouver.  Other trips I want to do this year include Vegas and possibly somewhere else warm.  I plan to continue to save and invest money, and also pay chunks of my mortgage off.  And lastly I want to get into the best shape of my life by May or June.  Ideally that would be about 205-210 and “shredded” aka low body fat.  I’ve got surgery on my appendix in March so I guess another goal is to have a successful surgery and quick recovery so I can continue on track with my goals.  It should be only about a 3-4 week recovery time.

That’s about all I can think of for 2014.  Have an awesome year!

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  • Ryan January 14, 2014, 8:50 pm

    Hey Kevin,

    I’m not sure if I ever commented here but i’ve always liked reading your monthly goals and hearing about what you’re working on. Running a blog like this can be tough unless you’re really out hustling and promoting it, doing guest posts, getting featured elsewhere, etc.

    Seems like your focus is staying mostly with The Sports Geek which makes sense so i’m sure it would be tough to balance both,

    Either way, have you in my RSS feed and always come by when a new post comes up.

  • Kevin January 15, 2014, 1:41 pm

    Thanks Ryan… good to see I have at least someone following the blog. I’m sure there are some more out there so I will try to post updates throughout the year – I remember when I was starting out I used to love reading these kinds of blogs (and still do).

  • Strider1973 January 19, 2014, 7:26 am

    Hi Kevin
    I think this is also my first comment. I’m reading all your blog updates through PAL/pokeraffiliateblogs.com.

    Regarding “more outsourcing”: This is also every year on my list of goals. I often also think that it takes more time to explain a small job compared to doing it alone. And I really enjoy doing many things by myself. On the other hand, when it comes to small design changes or small programming things, I often underestimate the time that is necessary to do it myself: had I knew how long it takes in the beginning, I would have outsourced it…
    One idea could be to hire for example a programmer for a year for a fixed amount of hours per month. This would force you to give him some work from time to time. I didn’t do this by myself, but it’s an idea I have.

    Anyway, good luck with your goals in 2014,

  • Giorgio January 23, 2014, 9:09 am

    Every now and then, when I visit my own blog, I tend to click on the links in my blogroll. So just as many times as I’m visiting mine, I’ll end up on yours. And it’s always a pleasure reading about fellow affiliates that are doing well.

    Best of luck with the surgery, although it’s still a few months down the road.

  • John March 18, 2014, 7:30 pm

    Not sure if you are doing it but share your posts more on Facebook as well to keep the site hopping a bit more and maybe add a poll to the site and either challenge people as a means of encouraging commenting or ask directly for feedback.

    Keep the blog runnin’


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