2014 Business Goals

It has been a while since I posted here. About 5 months – which is the longest I’ve gone between posts since starting up this blog. The main reason for slowing down with the posts is that I didn’t really see the point anymore. Not many people visit the blog and pretty much no one leaves any feedback. The purpose of the blog was to help keep me on track and also to make money. It pretty much has never made money, and although it did help keep me on track it wasn’t enough to justify spending a lot of time writing here when that time could be put elsewhere within my business.
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August 2013 Business Goals

Today is the 31st of July and I thought it would be a good time to do a review of July and set my goals for August. Overall July was a pretty good month. If you read my July business goals you know that I was recovering from a burst appendix.  So far so good in the recovery and I’m back playing sports and working out hard.  I didn’t get up to much in July, except for a little get a way to Toronto last week to watch a few Blue Jays baseball games, eat at the CN Tower, visit the zoo, etc.  As expected income was a little slow in July, which is generally the worst month of the year.
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Video Genesis Review

Update: Video Genesis is live and I’ve done a full video walkthrough of my purchase, and a full review of the product is to come in a few days after I review the content. Check out the video below for that walkthrough.

I’ve spent a few hours going through the content in Video Genesis and I’ve already learned enough helpful tips that will help me pay for the price of the product within my online business. There are 16 different modules that you can go through, and you can pick which topics you are interested in learning about and skip past anything you don’t want to learn. I’ll post a screenshot of the 16 different modules below.
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July 2013 Business Goals

June started off as a pretty good month but this past Monday I started to get pains in my stomach and went into the hospital Tuesday to find out my appendix ruptured. Things could have gotten really messy with major operations needed but luckily my body sort of healed itself with antibiotics. I was in the hospital for 6 days and it was a brutal experience, but I’m glad to be getting healthy now.

It will probably be a few days until I really get back into my normal routine, but I’ve already started working a bit my second day home from the hospital.
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June 2013 Business Goals

May was a good month, without too much going on. I stayed in London pretty much the whole month, and just did the usual – work, chill, workout, etc. For my work productivity I would grade myself maybe a C+. I was OK, but could be a lot better. I did hit my income goals in May, but overall I need to be more productive.

Below is a recap of my May goals and then my new goals for this month…

May 2013 Goals Recap

  • Have a winning NHL + MLB month – I had a rough MLB month after a great April, and NHL was about break even.
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